Payment system & solution provider:

GI Technology is well equipped with highly talented software professionals who have created few of the best products in India. We have exposures and experience to work with all latest technology. We design and develop applications in the field of Travel & Utility Services, CRM, Payment Gateway Solutions and any customized transaction based application.

Customer Support / Technical Field Support:

GI Technology has pool of well trained and experienced back office and field support team. With a field support team of 100 engineers, we support many high end technology products for online content delivery. We provide technology based support (Back office / Field support).


GI Technology is a recognized provider of secure automated, two-way data transfer hosting solutions for high volume banking usage.Our Banking and financial hosting solutions meets and exceeds high security and compliance set by ISMS, and GI is PCI-DSS compliance.

GI Cloud Hosting offers many solution components towards the hardware redundancy, mirrored databases and restore capability that banking systems need. The agility and cost-efficiency enabled by cloud computing solutions has created our acceptance at some of the largest banks in India. Our custom build business functions cloud solutions are suited to different cloud environments with custom definition and categorization based on sensitivity.

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