Prepaid Hosting Solutions


ICASHCARD is a prepaid card approved by RBI, which functions similar to Debit/Credit card, developed and marketed by GI Technology, part of GI Retail Private Limited. A 6000Cr turnover group company focusing into various verticals like Travel, Money Transfer, Payments and Service Aggregation and Distribution.

Our Vision is to be the preferred and most trusted payment instrument of choice of the underbanked and underserved consumers of India by offering safe and easy payment options to the Indian consumers without compromising on their privacy and security through the agent assisted service as well as self service modes.

Our idea of Prepaid Card was conceived looking at the fast growing eCommerce and tech enabled commerce including banking which could not be reached to millions of Indians due to lack of last mile connectivity and payment options. We created a tool/medium, which can address this fast growing need of an Indian customer in a convenient manner to them. Today, iCASHCARD is being used by various individuals to consume Travel Services, Mobile Re-charge and Utility Bill Payments in India. Currently, major transactions of iCASHCARD are happening at, which is one of the world’s largest eCommerceportal.iCASHCARD is one of the largest used payment instrument on the portal

I Cash mobile wallet is available for all platforms and can be easily accessed through download at the Google Play android app store.

  • A secured Pre-paid card, which can work in line with Credit/Debit Cards
  • Freedom to choose Card Value based on individual’s requirements
  • Re-charge/ Top-up facilities to expose smaller amount every month to use at any merchant location
  • Hassle free availability
  • Accepted at multiple merchant locations/websites
  • Alternate to conventional banking channels
  • Secured and certified by governing body like RBI
  • Integrated with IMPS platform
  • 24x7x365 accessible

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